LED Grow Lights

At My Grow Lights we specialize in LED grow light fixtures.  We have designed our own fixtures with heavy duty heat sinks & fans, along with top quality LEDs in the perfect spectrum for indoor growing.

LED is the future of growing, for many good reasons:

  • LEDs have far less power consumption for the same lumen output
  • LED have far less heat output – you don’t pay for power to create unneeded heat, and you don’t have to worry about ventilation
  • Our LED fixtures are designed with the ideal light spectrum for growing & flowering plants – not like halide or sodium which are designed for lighting streets & parking lots! Only about 20% of the light created by halide or sodium lights are usable by plants, as opposed to 90%+ for LEDs!
  • 100% of light is focused downward on your plants, light is not wasted bouncing off a reflector, walls & ceiling (creating more heat!)
  • LEDs last at least 5 times longer than a typical halide or sodium bulb
  • LEDs are smaller fixtures, taking up less space in your grow area
900 watt LED grow light - MyGrowLights.com

900 watt LED grow light - MyGrowLights.com